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Tom Law

Creative Interests: painting, drawing, collage, illustration, digital
Inspiration: photography, expressionism, graphic design, sci-fi

Even though I only started working with Creative Catalyst last november, I have had an overwhelmingly positive experience so far.

Already I have covered several necessary aspects of working as an artist such as learning the ins and outs of marketing your art, been shown the keys to making a successful portfolio and had the chance to develop and create artwork in an authentic studio environment.

As of right now, I don’t have a definitive plan for my future as an artist, however the sustained experience of working with like-minded people in a creative environment will undoubtedly lead me to becoming more successful in many aspects of art such as development and marketability.


Alumni – progressed onto DJCAD
Creative Interests: painting, drawing, mixed media
Inspiration: personal environment and experience

My time at Creative Catalyst since June 2021 has been amazing! I have had the opportunity to create and experiment with new work, as well as selling my work at artist markets and open studios for the very first time. I am now an art student at DJCAD, after working with Creative Catalyst during my gap year just after high school.

I enjoy using a variety of media and I am always open to trying something new. My focus has been experimenting with different mediums, styles and techniques – such as designing and making my own t-shirts and printmaking, as well as painting and drawing nature and animals. My inspirations come from my own experiences and what is around me.

I am just at the beginning of my art journey, studying at art college, however I believe everything I have learned at Creative Catalyst will help me in my art career development immensely.

I can’t wait to see what the future holds!



Alumni – progressed onto DJCAD
Creative Interests: portraiture, painting, mixed media
Inspiration: nature, people

Hello. My name is Ella and I have been a part of Creative Catalyst since 2021. I started with Creative Catalyst during my gap year just after highschool, and I’m now an art student at DJCAD. I mostly like to do portraiture with any media! I like painting with acrylics, however I also enjoy working with mixed media. Anything can inspire me, from nature to people! What I have found the most rewarding about participating with Creative Catalyst was realising my potential and worth in the artist community. Before then I was really insecure about my artwork and ability to produce good work, however I learned that the final artwork is not the most important part – it’s the journey behind it! Recently I have started art college so I will definitely take the experiences and lessons that I learnt during my time at Creative Catalyst. I highly encourage any young person reading this to join!

Lauren Evans (she/her)

Mixed Media Artist
Alumni – progressed onto Perth UHI – HND Contemporary Art Practice
Creative Interests: painting, collage, mixed media
Inspiration: pop art, figurative art and feminist art & theory
Instagram: @thisstuffisgolden

I am a contemporary artist based in Perth, Scotland and have been practicing art for over a decade.

I would describe myself as a mixed media artist, using mostly collage and acrylic paint in my work. Pop art, figurative art and feminist art and theory are sources of inspiration. I regularly produce pieces that use vintage imagery, the female form, and bold colour palettes to create commentary on popular culture and modern society. My work has been exhibited at Summerhall, Edinburgh in 2018 as part of the Invisible Spaces collaboration with Historical Environment Scotland, celebrating the Year of Young People.

Ever since I started working with Helen at Creative Catalyst I have become more and more confident with the idea of working within the creative industry. It seemed like a pipe dream years ago, but now I am on my way to finish a degree in contemporary art, and that may not have happened without Helen’s mentorship and encouragement.

Instagram: @thisstuffisgolden

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